Happy (early) Unimaginative Consumerist-Oriented Day

February 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

For serious. I don’t think there’s a holiday as uncreative as Valentine’s Day. No, I’m not being bitter or cynical–well, maybe a little of both. But perhaps, for the first time in years, this holiday can actually be of use. And by use, I mean, superficially boosting our economy for one day’s worth of spending by consumers. Hey, if it’s good for the economy, I’m all for it! Take note lust lovebirds, if you’re still looking for that last minute present (in addition to the cards, roses, chocolates, blah blah blah) for your significant other, here are the top 5 gadgets on my list of gadgets I’m currently coveting (I’m not kidding, I seriously do have a word document called “List of Gadgets I’m Currently Coveting). Maybe it’ll inspire something (a more creative holiday perhaps? Naw, that’s asking for too much) in some of you…maybe.

1. Eye-Fi Memory Card: I have friends that will constantly bug me for pictures. It’s not that I don’t want them to have it, it’s just that, well, to be frank, I have better things to do than upload pictures immediately after an event. You know, things such as, oh I don’t know, watching my artificial plant grow. So imagine my joy when I heard about this. A memory card you NEVER have to take out of your digital camera! The good folks at Eye-Fi created a memory card that uses wi-fi technology to transfer photos from your memory card to your desktop, wirelessly and without a card reader! The perfect present for the busy soulless corporate working bee (or lazy couch potato).

2. Amazon Kindle 2: amazon-kindle

This would be the glorious Amazon Kindle 2. For a booknerd, gym junkie not unlike myself, this is perfect. Gone are the days of turning pages and stinging papercuts. And if you’re OCD, like myself, you hate it when book covers and pages are bent. The Kindle allows for users to load books wirelessly onto the device. Users can then read whatever it is that they loaded anywhere–on the treadmill, back of a taxi, on public transportation, while waiting for your girlfriend to try on her 12th pair of jeans that looked exactly like the previous 11 she tried on.

3. Victorinox Presentation Pro:

swissknifehightech1Swiss Army Knife meets the 21st Century. How hot is this? A Swiss Army Knife with a laser. There’s also a USB thumbdrive, and a fingerprint scanner. Though I have absolutely no use for a Swiss Army Knife, much less one with a laser, I want this for the sheer awesomeness that this exudes. Those that have to give presentations often, however, will find this fairly useful as this also has bluetooth technology with the capabilities to connect to your laptop (Windows-PC platform only) to more effectively change slides. Evidently, there is also a Presentation Pro Flight model which has everything the knife pictured has, except for the “knife” part of Swiss Army Knife, thus allowing one to carry it on board a flight (hence the Presentation Pro Flight, hah, how clever Victorinox is). Too bad this isn’t in stores yet. Maybe your significant other will be okay with a rain check on their present? I know, this post is such a tease 🙂

4. Aptera: aptera

No, that is not a bug that time traveled back to the 21st century. That is an Aptera, and the perfect present for the eco-conscious. Despite looking like something out of The Jetson’s, this is a vehicle I would definitely rock–it receives over 100 miles per gallon. So use your own discretion when bragging to your gas-guzzling, SUV owning buddies. I am also immensely jealous of anyone that has test driven this. Just a note, I don’t believe they’ve started selling these yet, though I’m pretty sure they’re taking pre-orders.

5. Gentlemen MP3 Player: mp3playertie

An MP3 player that looks like a tie clip. Hot? Most definitely! I don’t wear ties often–well, ever, actually. In fact, the last time I can recall wearing a tie was in 7th grade for “Tie Day” at school. And although the obvious target demographic for this product are men, women can wear this clipped under the collar of our shirt or blazer. Much like the Presentation Pro, I’m coveting this for the sheer awesomeness it exudes. So as you’re working on mindnumbing pie charts and crunching numbers, clip this on as an extra accessory to lessen the boredom of your average workday. You’ll look like you’re working hard, when you’re probably hardly working. Or rather, enjoying your workday a little more as you’re working hard.

PS: My birthday is on January 25th 🙂


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